Current Date and Time: 01/12/09 1:47 am 36 sec. EST. || 01/12/09 6:47 am 36 sec. GMT.
no open contests at this time.

1. Multiple Accounts Having more than 1 account is forbidden. If we come to believe you are using more than one account, we will remove your account. If account is removed the turns in account will be removed as well. We have a strict Zero Tolerance for cheating.*****Being a Supporter does not make you exempt from the rules in any way, or qualify you for special treatment****. All accounts caught cheating will suffer the same punishment, regardless of whether you are a supporter or not. You have been warned.*****

2. Shared Computers As this is a browser based game and therefore difficult to prevent cheating we are very strict about sharing the same computer. Don't even log into your friends computer as it will show as multi and 1 or both accounts will be banned from the game. We work very hard to have a cheat free game.*****Being a Supporter does not make you exempt from the rules in any way, or qualify you for special treatment. All accounts caught cheating will suffer the same punishment, regardless of whether you are a supporter or not. You have been warned.*****

3. Outside Programs and Glitches Using an outside program, glitch, or any browser tricks (including plugins and auto refresh/load) in the game to alter the affects of the game is considering cheating. If you are found abusing either one, your account may be removed. Please report any bugs or glitches you find in the game. If we find you are a abusing them, we will have your account disabled.

4. Quitting DO NOT ASK US TO CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT SO YOU CAN START A NEW ONE. This is cheating. If you open an account, attack somebody, ask us to close it, start a new one and attack him again it is just like using multiple accounts. We won't close any account. You just have to wait for the new round to start over from scratch. If you want to quit just leave and the next round you won't have any mafioso registered. You would be able to play other rounds later. Do not put in your profile, "get cash from me, free cars". Do not message people and tell them that your leaking either. Anyone who attacks a person who says "I'm leaking" or "I quit" will have the master account disabled.

5. Leaking You may not in any way message or tell anyone that your defensive units or operatives are happy/unhappy. Do NOT post or advertise your giving away free money or anything else for that matter as it WILL get you removed from game.

5a. Leaking You may not have someone or you personally sell your weapons to let someone attack you or you attack them for free kills. You also can not unbank cash to freely let someone gank cash off you. If found doing this it is immediate removal from round and possible from the site.

5b. Leaking You can not purposely attack someone with cash on hand to drive there networth up for someone else to attack..

6. Spamming We are really strict about spammers. Please do not post links to other MMORPG games on the net, its just out of respect to the programmers who work hard on this game. This includes posting links to sites that contain links to other games. Your boss character will be banned if you abuse this rule.

7. Posting Do not post any attacks on the public boards or in Public chat rooms. Only share attacks with members of your cartel. Please do not spam, read rule above. Do not put down the game, or the admins. If you are creating drama towards the game, we will remove you.

8. Profanity/Racial comments This is a game and games are supposed to be fun. If your player name or boss name has any excessive profanity or racist comments in it then you will be asked to change it (if family) or be banned (player name) and told why. Mild adult language will be allowed in player names, but if we find your name to have excessive profanity it will be removed. There is NO swearing on the Recruiting Board or the lounge chat room. You can, however, swear in the boards (but keep it to a minimum) and you can do whatever you like in your family chat room and message board as they are not monitored. Profiles or profile pics that get complaints will be dealt with accordingly. Profiles may contain adult content within reason.

9. Family Size The size of family members may vary depending on the round from 1-40 members.

9a. Family join/leaveYou can not leave and attack a member of your family to rejoin them afterwards. This is a method of cheating to drop networth, or attack a member out so he/she can not be attacked anymore.

9b. Family join/leave unions can be created but limited to amount you may be able to have..

11. Family Bank Abuse You CAN NOT send cash to members leave the family and attack them for personal gain of cash. Doing so you will be removed from game and ultimately the site..

12. Banking Others You CAN NOT quit your crew fund anothr crew then rejoin your original crew. Doing so you will be removed from game and ultimately the site. You CAN however quit your crew and start another up however it must be done 48 hours before end of round to give the opprotunity for other players try try and over take a new crew shifting the rankings.

14. Round specific changes Sometimes these rules will be waived or altered for one round. when this is done all players will be messaged as well as it will be posted on the main page when you log into a round.

13. Common Sense Just because the rule isn't listed here, doesn't make it right. Please think before you take action. When in doubt ask.

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